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What actually is the iSqore?

First of all, yes we know, the word “score” will be written with “c”. But with the iSqore we want to develop something special, where we put in a lot of effort and hard work to build a score which should bring in some other quality into researching. And this approach of quality gave the iSqore the name it has.

Our iSqore should help to easily identify the overall “condition” of a company. By analyzing and quantifying financial data, we provide a single rating between A+ and D- together with a final score, the iSqore. Based on the financial data, we have put them into four different categories:

    • Value
    • Profitability
    • Growth
    • Health

Each category will have its own iSqore-Grade, so it’s very easy to identify where a company has its strength or weakness. By knowing these little but important details, each investor can make their own opinion about their next investment.

With our platform and the visualization of the iSqore, it will become a completely new experience for analyzing, researching and screening stocks. We provide amazing tools and features on our platform and believe it was never this easy to compare stocks with each other.

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