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Finqube authenticates users by a valid API key. It can be specified in two ways:

  • At query string, as &apikey=your_api_key
  • At header, as Authorization="apikey your_api_key"


Batch requests are available for an individual exchange and are supported exclusively in JSON format. These requests will return data the following structure.


API endpoints are prefixed with[exchange]&apikey=[your_api_key]


  • Ticker –>  instrument symbol (ticker)
  • Name –> full name of instrument
  • Exchange –> exchange where instrument is traded
  • ISIN –> International Securities Identification Number
  • iSqoreDate –> final scores and grades
  • FinancialData –> financial ratios including scores and grades



        “General”: {
               “Ticker”: “AAPL”,
               “Exchange”: “US”,
               “Name”: “Apple Inc”,
               “ISIN”: “US0378331005”,
        “iSqoreData”: {
               “iSqore”: “65.17”,
               “iSqore_Grade”: “B-“,
               “Value_Score”: “53.41”,
               “Value_Grade”: “C”,
               “Profit_Score”: “95.45”,
               “Profit_Grade”: “A”,
               “Growth_Score”: “31.41”,
               “Growth_Grade”: “D”,
               “Health_Score”: “75.92”,
               “Health_Grade”: “B”,
               “Quality_Score”: “71.10”,
               “Quality_Grade”: “B-“,
        “FinancialData”: {
               “PE_current”: “21.69”,
               “PE_current_Grade”: “B-“,
               “PS_current”: “7.51”,
               “PS_current_Grade”: “C-“,
               “NetMargin_ttm”: “0.2531”,
               “NetMargin_Grade”: “A”,

Powerful API

Flexible, easy to integrate and fueled by over 100 million data points.

Empowered by deep investment/mathematics knowledge, machine learning and proprietary discovery in the consumer space, we create customer-centric solutions that enrich the user experience. The API is modular, reliable and developer friendly.

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